The Center for Currency offers ideas, videos, white papers, and links to the front edge of local currencies, non-profit currencies, and private currencies. We offer distance-ed programs as well. The following is a personal biography of owner Keating Willcox.

I am divorced, 63, losing weight but still too heavy, chronic bronchitis, and I have four marvelous children. Barbara and Clark are adults, and Reinhold and Alex are still in college. I am extremely proud of my marvelous kids.

I am well educated. I have a B.S and Masters degree in computer science from Boston University, a Masters of Divinity from Boston University, all the coursework for a PhD. in Mathematics from Northeastern University, and am now completing my Doctor of Ministry degree at Tennessee Temple University.

In short, I buy big metal things and fix them up. I have had a successful but brief career in several real estate developments, and I taught graduate computer science at Boston University, but my main work has been assembling a network of radio stations, one in New Hampshire, two in Rhode Island and four in Massachusetts, all privately owned by me. The Hispanic station 1570 AM can be heard over much of eastern MA. My work was in buying stations, upgrading and automating them to cut costs, creating greater profits.

My other work has been a lifelong love of square rigged Tall Ships. starting in 1984 with the 50 foot long Brigantine Glad Tidings, then in 1995 with the Tops'l schooner Ebb Tide, and finally with the magnificent pair of seventy foot long vessels, the Brigantine Formidable,and the Brig Poincare, I have purchased and single handedly restored these vessels. Formidable is a working vessel in Rockport and Boston, and Poincare is killing it with the Disney cruise ships on St. Thomas.

I am now director of the Center for Currency, a think tank involved with issues regarding currency.

I used to play polo, but since recovering from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2000, my new sport is 10 meter air  rifle target shooting. I enjoy sailing as well.

I am interested in a long term relationship. I am an excellent cook, and can do my share of child care chores, but I expect my partner to join me in the church pew on Sundays.

My idea of a perfect date would be to take in a polo game in Hamilton on a summer's day, or to go for a sail on Formidable in Rockport or Boston. I would also enjoy taking our skiff Greensleeves to different church fairs and maritime functions. My goal is to raise $30,000 for charity this year.