The 5:1 Aspect Ratio 

A new tool for video in the multiple monitor world

Our project takes a 4k original file, produced, for example, by the new JVC 4k GY-HMQ-10. This file is edited, but only a horizontal portion of the file is retained, roughly 5:1 or 3840 x 740. This file, in what I have named the Kubrick aspect ratio, can be played on a Nvidia Surround system or an Eyefinity system, either of which use three monitors laid our landscape style, in a horizontal row. There is a large installed base of such such computer systems, either top end video gamers or top end business professionals.

My use is for instructional videos. The three monitor setup provides a more intense instructional environment, making it easier for a student to become absorbed in the lesson. This format permits the instructor to create new notes, yet retain the previous notes on the edges of the picture.

Besides that, I believe all sports programming will be much more fun to watch in such a system, and music videos and regular TV programming would be more fun as well. The expense is reasonable, as anyone with a powerful modern PC, need only pick up the two additional monitors and a new graphics card and they are ready to go.

Existing fixed installations can do some of this now, but they are quite expensive, and seem to require multiple video streams that are locked together.  This website is meant to be an introduction to the technology of wide screen cinema and video, high end multiple monitor video gaming, and news about this new format.

What is an Aspect Ratio?

Aspect Ratios

8 K resolution

What is immersive media? A new technology of videoing 360 degrees both horizontal and vertical, and permitting either a dome based environment, showing an entire hemisphere. Think of a planetarium. Also, on smaller media, even hand-held, a portion of the signal is seen, much like a typical video, but moving the mouse gives the impression of moving the camera image in real time. There are very interesting image issues tying to project several camera images and stitch them into a spherical image.

180 degree video player

Curved Screens at Videoscreens

Demos for Immersive Media

Immersive Globe

BBC shows off 33 megpixel Olympic footage

What is the history of wide format films? The beginning was before World War II, and during the war, wide-screen training helped pilots learn to fly. During the 1950s, the big hit was Cinerama. I remember as a child just thinking that this was fabulous entertainment.

Cinerama and Widescreen Links

How the West was Won

Cinerama 2012

Cinerama 2012 Part 2

Multi-monitor and wide screen video gaming is the new rage. There are two important manufacturers who have created what amounts to supercomputers with parallel processing capability to handle the intense graphic requirements. Scientists have begun using these graphic card supercomputers to perform complex numerical programming.

F1 simulator - this looks like fun!

An example of a video game review - single screen, so 5:1 aspect ratio is unusual.

Nvida Developer's Page

CUDA Training

Our project will create 5:1 aspect ratio videos using three methods to originate video. We will be renting a 4k capable camera such as the $5,000 JVC camera,we will be creating an animation using iClone, or use a 3 camera go360 setup. Then, edit on Adobe Premiere to create a 5:1 H264 video for distribution using Dropbox. Our clients can load these videos and use a player such as the free VLC to play them on either an Nvida Surround or an AMD Eyefinity based 3 monitor system...So you can start your day with our instructional video on three monitors, spend the next hours computing -SChoales and end your day with a smashing video game such as World of Warcraft or the new Defiance, one of many new video games with TV real time tie ins...

The $5,000 JVC 4k Camera

How about using your new video game chip to price options and make a fortune on Wall Street...wait a second, wasn’t that the cause of the big meltdown in 2008, Black-Scholes...why, yes it is.

Options pricing and Black-Scholes

The Black-Scholes destruction of Wall Street